Mineral Springs Lure Co. was started in 1983 by Cris and Butch Millard.  Read more about Mineral Springs Casting Co.  Mineral Springs is a full-service company that works for individuals or large companies.  Our services include:  Master Design, Mold Making, Casting, Painting, and Packaging.  Contact us for prices and information that will enable us to help you accomplish your design and casting goals.  Mineral Springs Casting Co. is a customer-oriented business.  We will work with you from initiating your design to shipping your product(s) to your customers.  Wishing you full stringers and heavy game bags!

The casting portion of Mineral Springs Lure Company was sold to Steve Weinheimer of El Campo, Texas in August 2012. Upon purchasing the company Steve changed the company name to Mineral Springs Casting Company.

History of Mineral Springs Lure Company:

Mineral Springs Lure Company was owned and operated in Carbondale, Kan., for 29 years by Butch and Cris Millard. Cris decided to sell the casting portion of the family-owned business after the death of Butch Millard, her husband and co-owner, in 2006. 

Cris believes the time is right to allow someone else to continue Mineral Springs’ successes in the fishing tackle industry. Mineral Springs is well known in the fishing tackle industry and has many loyal customers throughout the United States. “We have always been proud of the quality, performance and competitive pricing we offer,” said Cris.

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