Services Offered by Mineral Springs Casting Company

Mineral Springs Casting Co. is a full service company that will take the average person or large company through the entire production process with ease.
Master Design - If you have an idea or just want to tweak the design you currently have, then give us a call.  We offer full design services.
Mold Making - Here at Mineral Springs Casting Co. we offer complete mold making services from master molds to production molds.
Casting - Casting is done by centrifugal casting.  We offer both tin and lead casting services.
Painting - Painting is done with HVLP paint guns.  All products receive a primer coat, base coat, color coat, eyes (painted or stick-on), and finally are clear coated.  We pride ourselves on paint quality.  If you prefer a cheap looking product we suggest you try the overseas market.
Packaging - Packaging can be done in bulk or ready to go to retail.  What is most convenient for our customers determines the type of packaging we provide.

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